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Born, raised and still based in London, Cristian is an actor and a major voiceover artist and also an award winning writer and director of independent films. His 3rd feature film titled I MADE THIS FOR YOU is scheduled for release in late 2019. His film and photography work inform, support and influence each other and his images often have a strong sense of a suggested narrative to them. He's interested in the relationship between how things are and how we want them to be or maybe how things were and how we remember them and see's photography as a bridge between those ideas. He is massively influenced by classic images from the 50's and 60's especially the work of Gordon Parks and the photojournalism of LIFE Magazine in it's heyday. He is obsessed with the value of things that seem everyday until they are suddenly gone and archiving those fleeting moments of beauty that they leave in their trail. He tries to record the people, places and animals he shoots with all the grace, dignity and beauty they deserve and is always striving to create classic images that will stand the test of time and still be meaningful in years to come. The years of indie film making have left an indelible print upon his process and even as a photographer likes to work quickly, collaboratively and with a minimum of fuss

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