Cristian Solimeno is a restless creative who works in lots of different media. He's a notable UK actor and an award winning film maker who has directed 3 feature films and has a slate of new projects in development. He has a photography studio in Kennington and his  work in that area has recently culminated in his first Solo show in London. He also writes films and prose. His first Novella, Red blood on Blue collar will be published in 2022 and his feature script Battle of the Exes is currently being produced by Freedom films and is due to Shoot in January 2022. Recently he wrote the script for acclaimed short film Near, which just won Best UK short at New Renaissance film festival


Cristian was born and raised in central London.  After slipping through the cracks as a teenager, he left school at 16 with no qualifications. While working odd jobs he passed through several youth theatres including the Royal Court, and the Young Vic before finding the group at Riverside Studios where he finally settled and began to find his feet. It was from plays put on there that he was first cast in television. At 19 he started his own theatre company with school friend Jesse Lawrence and from one of their own productions got his first agent and then started to work more regularly as a professional. Jesse and Cristian went on to write and perform several plays before turning to film making and they continue to collaborate in that medium to this day. Cristian’s first recurring part was on the ITV series Wycliffe but his breakout television role was as the team captain in Footballer’s Wives. His jump into film came with his lead role in the big screen adaptation of Dead Babies, the cult classic Martin Amis novel alongside Olivia Williams and Paul Bettany. Since then Cristian has starred in and played supporting roles in numerous feature films such as Highlander: The Source, Tuesday, Mother Of Tears, Perfect Hideout, DJ, We Still Steal The Old Way and LUCID. He can also be seen in his third outing as director, I Made This For You which is scheduled for a theatrical release in the UK in late 2020, or catch him in the London based, US crime series GUILT, which you can binge right now on Netflix

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In 2008 he wrote and directed his first feature film, a deconstructed rom-com called This is What it is. After that he paused almost everything for 2 years to fulfil a lifelong dream and go to LABAN to study contemporary dance, while there he managed to write and direct a short film called LOVE which won multiple awards and was highly acclaimed. in 2011 he wrote and directed his second feature, a psychological thriller called The Glass Man which sadly got tied up in a bad deal with a US company and has only just been released in the UK.

in 2016, while playing a lead character in a US TV series called GUILT, he began shooting portraits of the cast and crew to fulfil his social media obligations and soon fell head over heels in love with photography. He has worked steadily in that area since and it's now a massive part of his artistic practice. In 2020 his 3rd feature was released to high praise in the UK. A unique film which uses  unorthodox film making techniques to tell the story of a community trying to prevent a suicide among their own.