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I've been doing great voiceover gigs for great clients for more than 20 years now and I have to say I love it more than ever. There's a purity to only having your voice to work with and the sheer immediacy is always a tonic to me after slogging away on some little arthouse film that might take me 3 years to complete. I have a home studio where I record audio for my own projects and since lockdown, obviously that's where I've been doing all my work. Click on the Lockdown showreel track to hear how that work from home sounds. Voice bookings and enquiries should be directed to my agent, Jamie or Julie at Loud and Clear voices who are still up and running and ready to help

I was really happy to support a charity which is close to my heart by voicing one of their fantastic animated films about mental health. Our Time focuses specifically on children who are dealing with one or more parents who have mental health issues. It was wonderful to work with hem on this but challenging as I was working in Torino at the time and had been put up in an apartment that had the highest ceilings and the worst echo 's you've ever heard. Guided by the engineer in the UK I was still able to get good sound jin the end using my trusty remote recording setup but it was the hardest environment I've had to create a makeshift studio in. I was so happy with the finished film though. I think they did a great job

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